Alles Lüge (1993)

Alles Lüge (German it’s all a lie) — the first single by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa, released in 1993 by Hall of Sermon.

The single preceded the third full-length album by Lacrimosa Satura.

The title track was first released in 1992 within some compilations. Along with “Alles Lüge” the single includes three more songs.

Alles Lüge cover

01. Alles Lüge 5:51
02. Alles Lüge (Sanguis – Mix) 6:12
03. Diener eines Geistes (Dirus-Mix) 6:36
04. Ruin 6:49

Band members

Tilo Wolff – vocals, keyboards
Sebastian Hausmann – guitar, bass guitar

Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff
Mixed at Fort Vox Tonstudio, Basel, Switzerland, 1993
Producer – Tilo Wolff
Cover – Tilo Wolff, Fido and Christian Dorge


Other editions
Format Year Label
CD 1993 Hall of Sermon
CD 1993 Hall of Sermon/SPV GmbH
! 2 CD digipack (with “Satura”) 2002 Irond (Russia)
! 2 CD 15th Anniversary Edition (with “Satura”) 2006 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! CD digipack (as part of box set “Single Collection”) 2008 Heavy Music (China)
! CD (as part of box set “The Singles”) 2009 Scarecrow (Mexico)
MC (music cassette) (with “Satura”) 2002 Mystic Production (Poland)

! – editions with the highest collector value.




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