B-sides in Heaven (2008)

Released in 2008

Interesting collection of non-album tracks in two parts, released in 2008 in China. If you put covers of two parts together, you can see an entire picture.

B-sides in Heaven cover

1 Alles Lüge
2 Diener Eines Geistes (Dirus – Mix)
3 Ruin
4 Schakal (Edit Version)
5 Schakal (Piano Version)
6 Vermächtnis Der Sonne
7 Seele In Not (Metus Mix)
8 Stolzes Herz (Edit Version)
9 Ich Bin Der Brennende Komet
10 Mutatio Spiritus
11 Stolzes Herz (Piano Version)
12 Alleine Zu Zweit
13 Alleine Zu Zweit (Torris Vita)
14 Meine Welt
15 Copycat (Remixed By Samael)

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CD 2008 Rock Empire (China)


B-sides in Heaven (2008)
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