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Einsamkeit (German loneliness) — the second studio album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa.

Einsamkeit is a darkwave album.  It is the first Lacrimosa’s album with live instrumentation performed by session musicians.


Band members

Tilo Wolff – vocals, drum-machine, keyboards, piano
Roland Thaler – guitar
Philippe Alioth – keyboards, piano
Eric The Phantom – violin
Stelio Diamantopoulos – bass guitar

 Credits and personnel

Music and lyrics by Tilo Wolff.
Recorded at Sodom & Gomorra, Binningen, Switzerland, 1992.
Photography – Felix Flaucher
Producer –  Tilo Wolff
Sound engineer – Philippe Alioth

  • Design – Tilo Wolff
  • Painted by Stelio Diamantopoulos
Other editions


Format Year Label
! LP (vinyl edition) 1992 Hall of Sermon (Germany)
! CD 1992 Hall of Sermon (Switzerland)
CD 1992 Hall of Sermon (Austria)
! CD 1992 Hall of Sermon (Germany)
CD 1992 Hall of Sermon/SPV GmbH (Switzerland)
CD (reissue) 1995 Hall of Sermon (Germany)
CD 2002 Scarecrow (Mexico)
2 CD digipack (with “Angst”) 2003 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Sail Productions (Korea)
CD 2005 Icarus (Argentina)
! 2 CD 15th Anniversary Edition 2006 Scarecrow (Mexico)
MC (music cassette) 1996 Black Flames Productions (Poland)
MC (music cassette) 1997 Morbid Noizz Productions (Poland)
MC (music cassette) 2001 Irond (Russia)
MC (music cassette) 2002 Mystic Production (Poland)

! – editions with the highest collector value.



– Russian edition was released with “Angst” in double digipack format.

– Mexican (2002 ) and Argentine (2005) editions  include a bonus track  “Ruin”.

– Anniversary Mexican edition of 2006 year which was released in double digipack format includes a poster and a bonus disc.
Track list:
1. Tranen der Sehnsucht (live)
2. Siehst Du mich im Licht (live)
3. Not Every Pain Hurts (live)
4. Schakal (live)

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8.9Overall Score
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