History of Lacriwelt Russia

15 January, 2011  – the establishment of the group on VK.  It was created without an ambitious follow-up plan, it was just a group for Russian fans from Lacrimosa official forum. However, we welcomed everyone to join us (and what they actually did).

4 February, 2011 – we created a new page on VK called Lacrimosa Official News which was joined to Lacriwelt Russia community. There may be found only official news from and about Lacrimosa, translated into Russian.

Spring, 2011   –  the amount of members of Lacriwelt Russia turned to 1000.

Summer, 2011 –   we were the first among the fan-communities to post regularly on the wall. The first posts were interviews with Lacrimosa, interesting facts and topics for discussions and so on.

It was a really important step because 

at that time non of the Lacrimosa’s fan-communities did such a thing. Communities were created on the UGC (user generated content) principle –  user posts on the wall, and then the conversation and community activity appear.

Lacriwelt Russia had the same problem so we decided to experiment with posts by admins. Our members were fond of this idea and we went on daily posting accroding to schedule.  Over the years we have changed, usually once a year,  the structure of the daily posting several times, but never, not a single day was spent without a post.

October, 2011 – Lacriwelt Russia gathered 2000 members.

2 November, 2011  – a new community was joint to Lacriwelt –  Lacrimosa World Fan Group,  a public page on Facebook, created by our admins. The page is in English,

and designed for the admirers of Lacrimosa from different countries. At the moment there are 36 900 users, it is the largest association of fans of Lacrimosa on Facebook.

28 November, 2011 – the oldest fan-page on VK with 22 000 memebrs joint Lacriwelt.

2013 year: Lacriwelt Russia became the official partner of the tour Lacrimosa in Russia.

2014 year: Lacriwelt Russia became the official partner of the tour Lacrimosa in Russia.

2015 year:Lacriwelt Russia became a general partner of the tour Lacrimosa in Russia.

2016 year: Lacriwelt Russia unites more than 80 000 people who love the music of Lacrimosa, and thus appears to be the largest fan club of Lacrimosa in the world.

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