Manne Uhlig

Lichjahre Lacrimosa Tilo Wolff Manne Uhlig“The band is touring in this constellation for the first time but we`ve known each other much longer and like each other.” 

“We are very caring with one another.And today it`s the last gig. So we`re going to have a fine party afterwards. Cause the tour was a round thing.” 

“Lacrimosa cooperates really well as a band. Tilo has been doing this for over 15 years with lyrics and creativity.” 

“Recently I interpreted an older song called ‘Copycat’ differently and after the show Tilo gives me a hug and says:” Manne, it was really great,the way you played this song”. These are brilliant moments on tour. It`s great to get support and feel safe and also to give something back.” 

Sascha Gerbig

Lichjahre Lacrimosa Tilo Wolff Sascha Gerbig

 “Two admirable, very dedicated people, who are not always easy to take. I take my hat off to them.I have much respect for Tilo and Anne, because I watched them go through a lot of difficultes” 




Tilo Wolff about the audience

Lichjahre Lacrimosa Tilo Wolff Every time we came out for encore and I so (saw) that (the) audience, it felt so good!” 




Tilo Wolff about gothic

Lichjahre Lacrimosa Tilo Wolff “Every soul, every character is a kind of house. Many people have many locked doors and never look behind these doors into these dark rooms,because they are afraid to discover something in their souls,in their personalities they won`t to be able to cope with… Only when you know your inner life,it`s possible to be strong.” 




 Lichjahre Lacrimosa Tilo Wolff J.P.“I think, in retrospect,the reason for Lacrimosa success is Tilo and Anne`s charisma,wich they communicate emotionally through music and lyrics.” 




Dirk Wolff

download (2)“Tilo and Anne are great in any case. Great characters and great musicians,I don`t want to miss having these experiences with them.” 

“I think the miracle of Lacrimosas success is that Anne and Tilo are wonderful human-beings, who are natural and authentic. They don`t conceal.The are extremely lovable.”




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