The Tilo Wolff’s interview taken by fans of Lacribel Community.

Igor Bildukevich: Where is a God’s place in human’s life?

TILO WOLFF: I think God finds his place in our hearts. Only then we can feel him and can live our life with him. If God or the believe in God is only a hobby for the time between work and sleeping or going out, then one will never be able to experience him.

Tilo Wolff, LacrimosaIgor Bildukevich: Death is worth living or love is worth to die?

TILO WOLFF: Love is worth living but not worth dying because the love we humans feel is a part of our existence and a result of us and love want to be lived not killed! Each love is an individual emotion that was born within us and if we die the source of this love is taking off from this world. Since I believe in life after death our love might be with us after death as well but then it is a love behind great walls.

Igor Bildukevich: Describe please your very last day.  What would you do that day?

TILO WOLFF: Oh my… if I knew it would be the last day of my life, I would have three priorities:
1. Giving my love to all my beloved ones,
2. Having the party of my life,
3. Trying to find peace.
So actually nothing unusual, just my daily life 😉

Galina Atrashkova: If a genie came up to you and gave you three wishes what would your wishes be?

TILO WOLFF: My wishes would be:
1. A global understanding that illegal downloads and file-sharings of music are indeed illegal!
2. To be able to do music for at least another 20 years!
3. To have an unlimited number of free wishes for the rest of my life!

Galina Atrashkova: If you would be a scientist than which one?

TILO WOLFF: Haha… I am not a scientist because I wouldn’t want to be one. I want to create and not explaining existing creations.

Galina Atrashkova: Is it possible Lacrimosa becomes a trio?

TILO WOLFF: I don’t think so.

Elena Nazgool Stankevich:  Do you have any unfulfilled dream?  What kind of dream it is?

TILO WOLFF: Yes, I have many unfulfilled dreams. They keep me going. But I woulnd’t necessarily share them with the world…

Olga Yermakova: Which do you prefer: good books or interesting films? Why?

TILO WOLFF: It depends on how much time I got. If we are talking about only one afternoon, I would chose the movie because I could watch it until the end while I wouldn’t have enough time to finish reading the book. I love reading but normaly I don’t find the time for it so I watch movies.

Olga Yermakova: If you had possibility come back to your past and have one of your moments again, which one it would be? 

TILO WOLFF: This would be a very private moment which I don’t want to share right here, sorry!

Victorian Era

Victorian Era

Olga Yermakova: If you could live in any historical time period, anyplace in the world, when would it be and why?

TILO WOLFF: If I also could choose to live in a wealthy class I think I would choose either the Rococo or the Viktorian age because the ladies looked georgeous in those times.

Alina Stolzes: Do you believe in Apocalypse 2012?


Alina Stolzes:  You looks like a kind and calm person.  What things could make you mad? 

TW: Haha… there are mny things that drive me crazy. Mostly it is myself who drives me crazy but I also get angry and irritated by politics and the behaving of mankind. An example: there was a accidental killing of civil citizens during the war in Afganistan. To kill civil citizens is illigal, also during war and therefore many politicians and generells should have been taking responsibilities. But instead of that the goverment re-named the war in Afganistan and called it ‘a situation of massiv civil disorder’ and the law says – for what reason ever – that killing civil citizens in ‘a situation of massive civil disorder’ is not illigal. Thus the killers never had to face justice – but in Switzerland if you drive your car 30 km/h faster than the speed limit you’ve got to go to prison for five years.

Alina Stolzes: So, you have $1 000 000  and just 5 days to spend it.  How? 

TILO WOLFF: I would split the money: with 500’000,- I would start a foundation to protect children from sexual abuse and with the other 500’000,- I would give a hell of a party with lots of adult sexual abuse…



Eugene Psamos Saprikina: What animal do you most closely associate yourself with?

TILO WOLFF: A tiger.

Asia Vankina Sydän Yakubova: Don’t you want to perform guitar on the stage one day?

TILO WOLFF: I love the guitar but my playing is not good enough that I should play it infront of an audience while there are far better guitar players with me on stage.

Asia Vankina Sydän Yakubova: Do you  go to the concerts of another bands? If yes, could you share your impressions?

TILO WOLFF: Yes, for example I visited the concerts of Leonard Cohen a couple of time and I am impressed by his wonderful and gentle behaving and his donation to music in generall and his musicians in particular and of corse I love his voice and music!

Asia Vankina Sydän Yakubova: May I ask how did you realize that your heart need a chirch? How the believe in God feels like?

TILO WOLFF: Yes, I feel that is does me good to be as close as possible to God. It’s like being close to the one you love. This is a feeling that is stronger than any other feeling and the joy that arises out of this closness to God is greater than any other joy.

Igor Zur: I knew, you are Lutheran. Do you fear God because of your talent?

TILO WOLFF: I am no Lutheranian but I belive in God and that the force of creation is a gift from God. Therefore I try to be humble and thankful while being creative though I don’t want to blog the stream of inspiration by taking my work and my art more sirious than I take myself. To be humble means as well to take yourself not too serious. I try to reflect my emotions through my art but after all I am human and my soul is not always pure thus the reflection – my art – has no intention to be always pure and perfect. Art should lift us up and shouldn’t tear us down.

Thank you as well for support in Belarus and for lending us your ear and giving us your love!!

All the best!

Tilo Wolff



2010, Lacribel Fan Club



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