Lichtgestalten (2005)

Lichtgestalten (German creatures of light) — mini-album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa, released on 2 December 2005 by Hall of Sermon.

The EP continued “Lichtgestalt” album, which had been released a few months earlier, in both musical and thematical ways. According to Tilo Wolff,  “Lichtgestalten” as an epilogue to “Lichtgestalt” conduces a better understanding of the album.

The original edition contains six songs by Tilo Wolff, including two remixes.



01. Lichtgestalt 5:15
02. Lichtgestalt – Snakeskin Remix 4:36
03. Unerkannt 7:36
04. Skintight 4:53
05. Road to pain 4:21
06. Siehst Du mich im Licht? – Atrocity ReVersion 4:49

Band members

Tilo Wolff – vocals, keyboards
Anne Nurmi – vocals, keyboards
Jan P. Genkel – guitars, bass guitar
AC – drums
Manne Uhlig – drums
Thomas Nack – drums

In recording also participated:

Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie with Christopher Clayton as a conductor
Catharina Boutari – background vocals
Uli Brandt – background vocals

Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff
Recorded and mixed by Jan P. Genkel and Manne Uhlig at Impuls Studio, Hamburg, Germany
Producer – Tilo Wolff
Photography – Tim von Rochels

Other editions
Format Year Label
CD 2005 Hall of Sermon
CD 2005 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! DVD + CD digipack (with “Musikkurzfilme DVD”) 2005 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! CD (as part of box set “The Singles”) 2009 Scarecrow (Mexico)
CD 2005 Hellion Records (Brazil)
CD 2005 Icarus (Argentina)
CD 2005 Sail Productions (Korea)
CD 2005 Irond (Russia)
! DVD + CD digipack (with “Musikkurzfilme DVD”) 2006 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Magnum Music (Taiwan)
CD (Limited Editon) 2005 Magnum Music (Taiwan)

! – editions with the highest collector value.


– All oficial editions of the single include a bonus track – “Seele In Not (Demo Version)”

– Russian and Mexican limited editions were released with “Musikkurzfilme DVD” in double digipack format.



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