Revolution — the tenth full-length studio album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa released on 7 September, 2012 by Hall of Sermon. In recording participated several guest musicians  – from Kreator, Accept and Evil Masquerade. Also Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie contributed in the creation of the album.

01. Irgendein Arsch ist immer unterwegs 5:00
02. If the world stood still a day 3:15
03. Verloren 7:29
04. This is the night 5:29
05. Interlude – Feuerzug (Part I) 0:46
06. Feuerzug (Part II) 4:41
07. Refugium 4:42
08. Weil Du Hilfe brauchst 6:01
09. Rote Sinfonie 11:03
10. Revolution 5:23

Official videos

Band members

Tilo Wolff — vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass guitar, trumpet
Anne Nurmi — vocals, keyboards
Jay P. Genkel — guitar, bass guitar
Henrik Flyman (Evil Masquerade) — guitar
Mille Petrozza (Kreator) — guitar
Manne Uhlig — drums
Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept) — drums
Arturo Garcia — drums

Also participated

Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie with Tilo Wolff as a conductor
Christina Grabka — violin

Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff, ecxept the song “If The World Stood Still A Day” (lyrics by Anne Nurmi, music by Anne Nurmi&Tilo Wolff)
Recorded and mixed by Tilo Wolff at Studio au Pare, Switzerland
Producer – Tilo Wolff
Orchester was recorded by Peter Rot at Sound Stage, Germany
Henrik Flyman, Mille Petrozza, Jay P. Genkel, Stefan Schwarzmann and Manne Uhlig recorded their parts at their own studios
Cover – Stelio Diamantopoulos
Photography – angst-im-wald studio


Other editions


Format Year Label
CD 2012 Hall of Sermon
! CD (release-party edition) 2012 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! 2 CD (box-set) 2012 Scarecrow (Mexico)
CD 2012 Icarus (Argentina)
CD 2012 Irond (Russia)
! CD digipack 2012 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Sail Productions (Korea)
CD digipack 2012 EndOfTheLight (USA)
! CD Vinyl Replica 2012 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! CD digipack (tour edition) 2013 EndOfTheLight (USA)

! – editions with the highest collector value.


– Music video was made for “Revolution”.

– Russian edition was released with advanced coloured cover and with “Morning Glory” single double in digipack format.

– Mexican release-party limited edition (1000 copies) in cardboard slipcase with coloured cover, it was sold at club fan appreciation parties in Mexico only and wasn’t commercially available. The edition includes a sticker, a postcard and an enomours poster.

– Mexican box-set edition was released in black set box and was limited (1000 copies). In addition to CD “Revolution”, it includes another CD with a collection of other bands released by Scarecrow label, a poster and two stickers.

– Korean editio includes a bonus track – “The Last Millenium”.

– American tour edition was released in digipack format with advanced coloured cover and “Morning Glory” as a bonus track.

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