The Singles (2009)

The release date of this box set was timed to coincide with another Mexican tour in support of “Sehnsucht” album.
Some copies of box set include a ticket for autograph signing session.
“Mandira Nabula” single can be found only as part of this box set, it wasn’t released seperately.

The Singles (2009) cover


Alles Luge EP (CD)
Schakal EP (CD)
Stolzes Herz EP (CD)
Alleine Zu Zweit EP (CD)
Der Morgen Danach EP (CD)
Durch Nacht Und Flut EP (CD)
Durch Nacht Und Flut EP (Special Edition) (CD)
Lichtgestalten EP (CD)
Feuer EP (CD)
Mandira Nabula EP (CD)



2000 copies


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