ANGST (1991)

Angst (German fear) is the first studio album by Switzerland-based Gothic rock band Lacrimosa.  The record was released in 1991 by Hall of Sermon.
The album was made by only person, Tilo Wolff. He has written lyrics and music of all songs, and we can hear  just keyboards and  piano on the album performed by him.

Recorded at Sodom & Gomorra (Binningen, Switzerland) in 1990/91.


01. Seele in Not 9.21
02. Requiem 9:51
03. Lacrima Mosa 5:17
04. Der Ketzer 7:22
05. Der letzte Hilfeschrei 5:21
06. Tränen der Existenzlosigkeit 10:40



Tilo Wolff – Vocals, Piano, Keyboards
Judith Gruning – Vocal for “Der Ketzer”

Text By, Music By –  Tilo Wolff
Producer – Tilo Wolff
Mastered by – Philippe Alioth
Cover – Stelio Diamantopoulos
Photo – Judith Gruning

Recorded at Sodom & Gomorra (Binningen, Switzerland) in 1990/91.



Type Year Label
! LP (vinyl) 1991 Hall of Sermon
! CD 1992 Hall of Sermon
! CD 1992 Hall of Sermon/SPV GmbH
CD (re-release) 1995 Hall of Sermon
CD digipack 2002 Scarecrow (Mexico)
2 CD digipack (including “Einsamkeit”) 2003 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Sail Productions (South Korea)
CD 2005 Icarus (Argentina)
! 2 CD 15th Anniversary Edition 2006 Scarecrow (Mexico)
MC 1997 Morbid Noizz Productions (Poland)
MC 1998 Rocris Disc (Romania)
MC 2001 Irond (Russia)
MC 2002 Mystic Production (Poland)

! – most precious to collectors



– Russian release of double digipack verson (2003) includes Einsamkeit

– Mexican (2002 ) and argentinian (2005) releases include the song “Diener Eines Geistes (Dirus Mix)” as a bonus track.

– The 10-years-jubilee release in Mexico of double digipack version (2006)  includes a poster and a bonus CD.
Track-list of the bonus CD:
1. Versiegelt Glanzumstromt
2. Versuchung
3. Darkness
4. Copycat

– Korean release includes bonis-track “Promised Land”.

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ANGST (1991)
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