So, the new album “Echos” is going to be released. Some words about it. 

ANNE NURMI: It is our so far the most emotional album, we have been developing again further and hope that the people also love this album as much as we do, one just should reserve some time and concentration while listening to it, as it’s no consume album.

In what is the difference of “Echos” from other your works? 

ANNE NURMI: There are quite many differences, how we arranged the songs, the structures and we were on my opinion especially well able to express what we wanted with our singing.

One can trace the conception not only within the single album, but between almost all of them. Are you going to keep this conception, or futher albums will be different? 

ANNE NURMI: It is impossible to say what the future will bring as the songs for further albums are not yet recorded nor composed. 

Your last single has had a success. Are you planning to make a full album with remixes? 

ANNE NURMI: No. This was only because we are always interested to hear how other bands interpret our songs. 

Are you going to have a live tour in support of the new album? 

Anne NurmiANNE NURMI: No, we decided not to play a tour this time, as we need some time off. We have been working really hard since about nearly three years now, and slowly it would be good to have some time off. Besides doing the music and recording and producing it we still are doing everything label wise ourselves. 

Are you going to appear this year on gothic festivals? If so, where? 

ANNE NURMI: There are no definite plans yet, but when there are all will be put into the news on our homepages, so it’s use to check the and regularly. 

Will be new groups on Hall Of Sermon label? 

ANNE NURMI: At the moment we are not signing any new bands. 

What Lacrimosa means to you? Just job or more? 

ANNE NURMI: Lacrimosa is a big part of us and really close to our hearts – this music is our life! We are revealing in the lyrics much about ourselves and our music is more than emotional, and it would really hurt if there is someone thinking that doing Lacrimosa would be just a job for us. 

What LACRIMOSA album do you consider the best one? 

ANNE NURMI: At the moment we love “Echos” the most, maybe because it’s the freshest one. But we love all our albums, each of them is strongly connected with a part of our lives while doing the album and we wouldn’t like to miss any of them but choosing the best one is really not that easy. 

Don’t you want to have more songs in english? 

ANNE NURMI: We are writing lyrics as they come out; some in English, some in German and some in Finnish, we don’t think what other people might find better. We do what our heart is telling to. 

What’re your favorite bands today? 

ANNE NURMI: David Bowie, The Muse, Alanis Morrisette, diverse Musicals… 

Do you have any ideas about side projects? Or co-projects? 

ANNE NURMI: We are able to fulfil our ideas by doing Lacrimosa so there is no need for any side-projects at the moment. 

Anne, most of the music material is written by Tilo. Aren’t you offended? 

ANNE NURMI: Most of my songs I have been writing myself, though Tilo has been helping me with the arrangements and composing process on computer, as it’s so much more complicated as I used to work with a band. On the new album I didn’t have the time to get my songs to be recorded as I was still so exhausted from the tour, when Tilo was telling me that he has actually been writing already so many songs, that it’s time to go to the studio, but I am still not offended, why should I be? 

What is “gothic” for you? 

ANNE NURMI: It’s a lifestyle like in the golden times in the 80es. Big part is the music but also the ideology and styling counts. 

What do you know about gothic in Ukraine? 

ANNE NURMI: To be honest I know nothing about the scene there. 

Little words for you fans in Ukraine. 

ANNE NURMI: Nice to hear that some people also like our music there, I wish you will also appreciate the new album. 

Thank you for an interview and good luck! 



Ukrainian Gothic Portal, 2001, Anton “Christ888” Shekhovtsov



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