ELODIA (1999)

Elodia — the sixth full-length studio album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa. It took fourteen months to make the album.

Elodia is a concept album and a rock opera in three acts. The album tells about parting of two lovers, narrated by Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi.

London Symphony Orchestra contributed in the creation of the album.

01. Am Ende der Stille At the End of Silence 8:05
02. Alleine zu Zweit Together Alone 4:15
03. Halt mich Hold me 3:56
04. The turning point Der Wendepunkt 4:58
05. Ich verlasse heute Dein Herz I Take Leave Of Your Heart Today 8:29
06. Dich zu töten fiel mit schwer Killing You Was Hard  7:56
07. Sanctus  Sanctus 14:09
08. Am Ende stehen wir zwei At The End There Are The Two Of Us 5:45
Official videos

Band members

Tilo Wolff — vocals, keyboards
Anne Nurmi — vocals, keyboards
AC — drums
Jay P. — guitar, bass guitar
Sascha Gerbig — rhythm guitar
Gottfried Koch — acoustic guitar

Also participated

Choir — The Rosenberg Ensemble
Choir — Hamburg State Opera
London Symphony Orchestra with David Snell as a conductor and Gordon Nikolitch as a concertmaster
Spielmann-schnyder Philharmonie with Christopher Claytonas as a conductor

West Saxon Symphony Orchestra:

  • Rubens Gazarian as a conductor
  • Thomas Rohde — oboes
  • Thomas Gramatzki — сlarinet, flute
  • Gerlinde Meyer-Bahlburg, Gabriela Hampe — violin
  • Ansgar Niemeier, Hartwig Belando — viola
  • Felicitas Reiske, Anja-Christine Hitzer — сello
  • Angela Trüg —  double bass
  • Suzana Bradaric — singing saw on “Am Ende stehen wir zwei”
  • Raphaela Mayhaus, Bettina Hunold, Gottfried Koch, Christoph Leis-Bendorff, Rosenberg Ensemble — choir
Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff, except  “The Turning Point” (lyrics by Anne Nurmi, music by Anne Nurmi & Tilo Wolff)
Recording —  Gottfried Koch and Jan P. Genkel at Impuls Studio, Hamburg, Germany.
Mastering —  Helge Halvé at Recording Service Halvé, Hamburg, Germany.
Producer, arranger —  Tilo Wolff
Cover  —  Stelio Diamantopoulos
Photoraphy —  Lou Dick

London Symphony Orchestra parts were recorded at Abbey Road Studio, London
West Saxon Symphony Orchestra parts were recorded at Kulturhaus Bohlen Studio

Other editions
Format Year Label
! 2 LP (as part of box set Vintage Classix) 2001 Nuclear Blast (Germany)
! Promo CD 1999 Hall of Sermon
CD 1999 Hall of Sermon
! CD 1999 Avalon (Japan)
CD digipack 1999 Wizzard Records (Mexico)
CD 1999 Hellion Records (Brazil)
CD 2001 Sail Productions (Korea)
2 CD digipack (with “Alleine Zu Zweit EP”) 2002 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Icarus (Argentina)
CD 2005 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! 2 CD 15th Anniversary Edition 2006 Scarecrow (Mexico)
CD 2006 Magnum Music (Taiwan)
CD 2009 Rock Empire (China)
MC (music cassette) 1999 Morbid Noizz Productions (Poland)
MC (music cassette) 1999 Rocris Disc (Romania)
MC (music cassette) 2001 Irond (Russia)
MC (music cassette) 2002 Mystic Production (Poland)
MC (music cassette) 2003 Moon Records (Ukraine)

! – editions with the highest collector value.


– Music video was made for “Alleine Zu Zweit”.

–  Vinyl edition was released in 2001 by  Nuclear Blast in two discs as part of limited box set “Vintage Classix” (1000 copies), includes a bonus track — “Meine Welt”.

– Russian edition was released with “Alleine Zu Zweit”single double digipack format.

– Japanese, Chinese and Brazilian editions include two bonus tracks — “Und Du Fallst” and “Meine Welt”.

– Mexican (1999 and 2005) and Argentine editions include a bonus track — “Meine Welt”.

– Korean edition inslude a bonus track —  “Siehst Du mich im Licht (Atrocity-Remix)”

– Anniversary Mexican edition of 2006 year was released in double digipack format, it includes a poster and  a bonus disc with “Alleine Zu Zweit” single.

ELODIA (1999)
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