Fan-interview of Tilo Wolff for Lacriwelt RUSSIA

Victoria Chistyakova: Do you plan to be a producer of any band again like you did for CINEMA BIZARRE? By the way, do you keep touch with these guys?

TILO WOLFF: Yes, there are two new band projects I am involved in and within these days you will read about them on my Facebook-page. And yes, I still have loose contact to some of the guys from CINEMA BIZARRE.

Vladimir Chekis: What do you think about perspectives  for young bands and musicians on a schwarze szene  nowadays? Could you give any professional advice for them?

TILO WOLFF:  Talking about advise it of course always depends on the situation and the topic but basically I think the best advise is that an artist needs to do what he or she feels and not what labels or managers tell them to do.

Tilo Wolff Lacrimosa Tatiana Burova : Why did you decide to appear on stage with a guitar during Revolution tour? Will you keep going this?

You have sang «This is the night» in Klaffenbach,  however you told early it would be hard to perform this song alive.  What has changed?

TILO WOLFF: Nothing has changed. This song still is very, very hard to perform – from a musical perspective and from because of its emotional impact – but there had to be the day when we bring it up on stage and Klaffenbach was the right time and the right place for this.

And talking about the guitar, well, same here, it was the right time. I played so many guitar-parts on this and the previous album so it would have felt strange not to play at least a little from that also on stage.

Alexander Shmeliov:  In the past, composers produced their music books, and it is the reason why they are still alive in their music nowadays. Do you have any plans to release a designed book with your printed music?

TILO WOLFF: No. The time it takes to develop such a project I rather spend on creating new music than ruminating what I have done already.

Olga Gubina:   Did you have any miracle, mystic or non-explained cases in your life?  

TILO WOLFF: Yes! Of course. I believe in God and so many times already he intervened into my life in inexplicable ways! This is more of the real life than what our society tells us what real live would be, like for example news from the stock market which is in real just a bubble of thoughts, hopes and dreams with no measurable worth!

Julia Asphodel :  If you had unlimited finances for any kind of project, what would you do?   (OMG, I remember your reply for such kind of question some years ago, LOL. Pretty interesting, what do you tell us now? – Lux)

TILO WOLFF: Haha… where should I start? Unlimited money? Well, first I would buy myself into the
food-industry and would reorganize the ways of production, including animal husbandry, and the ways of distribution into the world. Then I would spend money to governments who are willing to fight against the drug industry in their countries. There are some more projects, that would need to be thought of and in the end I think I would buy myself an old castle in Scotland.

Btw: what did I answer previously?

Lux: You told you would spend a half of money for children protection from sexual abuse and other half for an adult hell party with lots of sexual abuse, lol

Tilo Wolff Lacrimosa Scotland Castle

Natalia Sidorenko: Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Is it easy for you to communicate with people, or do you do it just «because you have to?»

TILO WOLFF: I am more introvert. Though I like to communicate with people I trust, but I hate it to be forced into communication with people that are not invited into a communication!

Anastasia Surmilova: What do you think about fans who go / fly to another country for your concert/tour? Don’t you think that is a kind of insanity?

TILO WOLFF: No. I have also flown already to Rom, Geneva, Paris and other places to see a band or an artist I wanted to hear. If I like their concerts and they don’t come to play in my neighborhood I need to travel to places where they play.

Ekaterina Makeeva, Julia Asphodel, Tatiana Burova (yes, the same question from 3 different persons): Why the song “Schakal” was called in that way? And did you have any other options for the name of this song?

TILO WOLFF: No, this song was already born as «Schakal» because the lyrics, on which this song is based, where already written when I started composing. It is a very personal lyric, a personal song and therefor I am afraid I can’t tell you more about it than that bit…


02. Oktober. 2014,  Lacriwelt Russia, Lux Aeterna




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