Hoffnung (German hope) – the twelfth  full-length studio album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa, released on 6 November, 2015. The album provides a variaty of symphonic arrangements permormed by the orchestra of 60 musicians.

Hoffnung release was timed to coincide with the 25-anniversary of Lacrimosa. Just to mention, the first Lacrimosa’s release was the demo-cassette Clamor in autumn, 1990.

The record includes 15 min long song “Mondfeuer”, which is the longest one by Lacrimosa now. According to Tilo Wolff, who didn’t provide more details, the track is somehow connected with Russia.

The album was released in two versions:
Regular edition
Deluxe Edition CD (+DVD)

Lacrimosa supported the release with Unterwelt-Tour, started on  November 18, 2015 in Minsk Belarus. Within the tour the band visited Belarus, Russia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany and Belgium.

1. Mondfeuer 15:15
2. Kaleidoskop 6:16
3. Unterwelt 3:50
4. Die unbekannte Farbe 5:35
5. Der Kelch der Hoffnung 3:24
6. Thunder and Lightning 3:55
7. Tränen der Liebe 6:39
8. Der freie Fall – Apeiron, Part 1 6:17
9. Keine Schatten mehr 2:28
10. Apeiron – Der freie Fall, Part 2 9:07
Deluxe Edition CD
11. Keine Schatten mehr (Jubiläums-Version) 03:17
Deluxe Edition DVD
1. Live in Mexico City – The Movie 135:00

Band members

Tilo Wolff — vocals, guitars, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboards, trumpet, piano,
Anne Nurmi — vocals, keyboards
Jay P. Genkel —  rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Henrik Flyman — guitar
David Underwood – bass guitar
Julien Schmidt — drums
Arturo Garcia — drums


Video by Defect Art

Also participated

Lacrimosa Session Orchestra:


Claudia Blum
Melanie Borczac
Rudolf Eberhardt
Markus Fröhlich
Franziska Gerling
Verena Gutmann
Martin Jung Beate
Kaufmann Mareike
Thomas Meier
Markus Meridian
Irina Petkova
Lena Roth
Andrea Sonnenhaldc
Matthias Ziegler
Stefan Zürcher


Hans Aabcrg
Petra Bohde
Michael Bormann
Natascha Dachmeier
Anatol Gerling
Johan Maria
Heinrich Petra
Norbert Ohm
Ferdinant Petzold
Annette Weck
Jack Welton
Frank Zimmermann


Verena M.Bernhardt
Mareike Dauber
Andrea Kaufmann
Franziska Krieger
Nils Müller
Andrea Schultheiss
Mirko Slovanicz
Andre Wacker
Petra Wicker


Katharina Blumthal
Martina Frank
Alexandra Gies
Marianne Völler
Stefan Wacker
Petra Zimmermann


Miriam Dörfler
Frank Ettling
Volker Mangold
Kerstin Platte


Andreas Feldmann


Kurt Oswald


Stephanie Anton
Kimberly Bailey


Peter Schüller
Tilo Wolff


Peter Berg
Andreas Meyer
Peter Oppliger


Manfred Seliger
Anatol Gerike
Martin Zimmer


Karl-Heinz Berger
Jerome Grantis


Midori Lee


Matthias Berg
Oswald Mertens
Milo Nowak
Ivana Petrow

Orchestrated by Tilo Wolff.
Conducted by Paul Fromm.
Assisted by David Hoffman and Mareike Seidel.

Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff, except “Thunder & Lightning” (lyrics by Anne Nurmi, music by Anne Nurmi & Tilo Wolff).
Arrangements, orchestrations, recordings, mix and production by Tilo Wolff at Studio au Parc, Switzerland.
The Lacrimosa Session Orchestra was recorded by Adrian Unger at The Dolphin, Germany.
Henrik Flyman, Jay P. Genkel and Julien Schmidt recorded their parts at their own studios.
Mastered by Tom Meyer at Master & Servant, Germany.
Photography and artwork – angst-im-wald studio
Cover and booklet:

  • Idea – Anne Nurmi, Stelio Diamantopoulos and Tilo Wolff
  • Painted by Stelio Diamantopoulos
Other editions
Format Year Label
CD 2015 Hall of Sermon
! CD/DVD digipack 2015 Hall of Sermon
CD 2015 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! CD/DVD digipack (release-party edition) 2015 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! 2CD/DVD digibook 2015 Scarecrow (Mexico)
! 2CD/DVD earbook 2015 Scarecrow (Mexico)
CD 2015 Icarus (Argentina)
CD 2015 1F (China)
CD 2015 Irond (Russia)

! – editions with the highest collector value.


– Music video was made for “Die Unbekannte Farbe” by Defect Art

– Original digipack edition was released in a limited number, it offers DVD “Live in Mexico City” live-album.

– Mexican release-party limited edition (500 copies) was released in digipack format, it offers DVD “Live in Mexico City” live-album, it was sold at club fan appreciation parties in Mexico only and wasn’t  commercially available.

– Mexican digibook edition offers DVD “Live in Mexico City” live-album and CD with mini-album “Heute Nacht”.

– Mexican earbook edition was released in earbook 27cmx28cm format, offers DVD “Live in Mexico City” live-album and CD with mini-album “Heute Nacht”, was limited (300 copies) and was sold at Unterwelt-Tour concerts only, wasn’t  commercially available.


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