Lichtgestalt (German creature of light) — the ninth full-length studio album by Swiss gothic metal band Lacrimosa.  It was released on 2 May 2005 by Hall of Sermon.

As well as the previos Lacrimosa’s albums “Lichtgestalt” includes 8 tracks. All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by Tilo Wolff except the lyrics of “Hohelied der Liebe”, which is basically taken from the Holy Bible (the First Epistle to the Corinthians). The record is described as a gothic metal featuring symphonic metal album.

In some countries “Lichtgestalt” was released including a bonus track — “The Party is Over” piano version. Russian edition is presented in two options: regular edition and special one with “The Party is Over” single as a bonus disc which wasn’t released separately. 

01. Sapphire 11:15
02. Kelch der Liebe 6:05
03. Lichtgestalt 5:18
04. Nachtschatten 7:07
05. My last Goodbye 8:08
06. The party is over 5:29
07. Letzte Ausfahrt: Leben 5:43
08. Hohelied der Liebe 14:30

Band members

Tilo Wolff – vocals, keyboards, trumpet
Anne Nurmi – vocals, keyboards
Jan P. Genkel – guitars, bass guitar
Yenz Leonhard – bass guitar
Thomas Nack – drums
Manne Uhlig – drums
AC – drums

Official video

Also participated

Victor Smolski Symphonic Orchestra with Andrey Zubrich as a conductor
Spielmann-Schnyder Philharmonie with Christopher Clayton as a conductor
The Rosenberg Ensemble, Kanemaki Choir – choir
Thomas Rohde – oboes
Thomas Gramatzki – clarinet
Philip Kreinert – bassoon
Stefan Pintev – violin
Rodrigo Reichel – violin
Thomas Oepen – violin
Boris Matchin – cello
Katharina C. Bunners – double bass
Susanne Vogel – fretless bass guitar
Birte Schulz – viola, cello

Credits and personnel

Lyrics and music by Tilo Wolff, ecxept “Hohelied Der Liebe” (lyrics are taken from “the First Epistle to the Corinthians, the New Testament, the Holy Bible)
Recorded and mixed by Jan P. Genkel and Manne Uhlig at Impuls Musicproductions, Hamburg, Germany.
Victor Smolski Symphonic Orchestra parts were recorded at Inspector Studio, Minsk.
Vocals for “The Party Is Over” was recorded at Studio au Pare, Switzerland.
Producer, programming – Tilo Wolff

Сover and booklet

Photography – Tim von Rochels.
Cover concept by Tilo Wolff & Stelio Diamantopoulos.
Painted by Stelio Diamantopoulos.
Artwork by Joachim Luetke, Image Eye-Luetke Prod., Vienna, Austria.

Other editions
Format Year Label
! Promo CD 2005 Hall of Sermon
CD 2005 Hall of Sermon
CD 2005 Scarecrow (Mexico)
CD 2005 Hellion Records (Brazil)
CD 2005 Icarus (Argentina)
CD 2005 Sail Productions (Korea)
! CD (limited box) 2005 Sail Productions (Korea)
CD 2005 Irond (Russia)
! 2 CD digipack (with”The Party Is Over EP”) 2005 Irond (Russia)
CD 2005 Moon Records (Ukraine)
CD 2005 Magnum Music (Taiwan)
CD 2005 Monitor Records (Chine)
! 2 CD digipack 15th Anniversary Edition 2006 Scarecrow (Mexico)
2 CD 2011 EndOfTheLight (USA)
! CD Vinyl Replica 20th Anniversary Edition 2012 Scarecrow (Mexico)
MC (music cassette) 2005 Moon Records (Ukraine)

! – editions with the highest collector value.


– Music video was made for “Lichtgestalt”.

– Russian limited edition was released with “The Party Is Over” single double digipack format.

– All CD editions (ecxept Russian and Ukrainain ones) include a bonus track — “The Party Is Over (Piano Version)”.

– Korean edition includes a bonus track – “Seele In Not (Metus Mix)”.

– Korean limited edition (300 copies) was released in box with T-shirt.

-Anniversary Mexican edition of 2006 year was released in double digipack format, it includes a poster, a sticker and bonus disc with “The Party Is Over” single.

– American edition offers additional disc with 4 bonus tracks:
1. The Party Is Over (single version)
2. Promised Land
3. Road To Pain
4. Siehst Du Mich Im Licht (Atrocity Remix)

8.9Overall Score
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